Veterinary Center Los Sauces is caring exclusively for exotic pets: birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish since 1992. We really love dogs and cats, but our center is specially designed for the needs of medical care of exotic animals. Our veterinarians are experienced in the medicine of birds, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, smaller rodents, Vietnamese dwarf pigs, reptiles, amphibians and fish. We also treat less commonly seen exotic species such as primates, meerkats, kinkajous, opossums, fenec foxes, skunks, big felines and others.

Consulta especializada
Consultation with a specialist Not only for sick animals but also consultation about preventative care, post-purchase exams and geriatric care of these extraordinary animals.
Cirugía y anestesia
Surgery and anesthesia Surgery rooms and protocols designed and adapted for exotic species.
Radiología digitalizada
Digital radiography High definition for better diagnosis.
Laboratorio de análisis
In-house laboratory Perfectly equipped laboratory for complete blood work, fecal exam, cytology and microbiology.
Hospitalization Sick patients are comfortably housed in specialized cages or terrariums that provide oxygen, heat and nebulized medication, if necessary.
Emergencies A pet shall never be left stranded in case of emergency. At least one of our veterinarians will be always available by phone and the center will open if necessary.
Endoscopy Advanced endoscopic imaging and endoscopic surgery.
Ultrasound One of the less invasive, quick and reliable imaging diagnosis.
Residencia de vacaciones
Boarding We will care for your pet during your vacations.

Cita Previa: 91 445 43 05

Urgencias: 608 11 22 51

Dirección: C/Santa Engracia, 63 28010 Madrid